Jobs You Can Do From Home: Paid Forum Posting

It seems like there’s a brand new online forum every day. But who wants to hang out at a new forum, where there is no community or content? Many websites respond to this problem by hiring people to post in their forums, usually on a per post basis. The pay for a single post can range from ten cents to a dollar, depending on the length and type of posting.
In most cases, the easiest way to begin writing posts for money is to work for any of a number of companies specializing in paid forum posting. Examples are:
In many cases, such as Get Paid to Forum, prospective employers will list their needs on a forum and allow potential posters to post bids in a sort of reverse auction. If you participate in these sorts of auctions, be careful that you do not cut your prices so much that your earnings do not even cover the time you spend on the job.
There are certain expectations about your posts, if you’re being paid for them. First of all, it is important to limit chat speak, like using “u” for “you” or “r” for “are”. Your posts should look like you took a moment to compose them, and used a spellchecker, if not a grammar check as well. The occasional LOL or IMHO can slide by, but don’t let them take over your posts.
Second, you should stay on topic. If you’re posting in a forum focused on cars, talk about your automobile rather than your computer. In some cases, you may be hired specifically to create threads, on-going conversations within a forum. The easiest way to derail a thread and have other posters lose interest is to go off topic.
Third, your posts should promote discussion. Forum owners want to see lively conversations that continue as long as possible. You can provoke thought by asking questions or telling about personal experiences and asking for comments.
In most cases, you will be expected to post about very specific topics. Keep in mind that you only want to post about topics you already have a good understanding of – if you are only making fifteen cents a post, it’s not worth even a few minutes of research. In some cases, an employer may set certain guidelines for length of post as well. You may be able to get away with one-line posts on some forums, but many will expect a longer piece.
Once you’ve fulfilled your commitment, you are expected to notify your employer. Typically, they will pay you via Paypal, although some site owners will mail checks. Additionally, you will be listed as a contractor, rather than any kind of an employee, and will therefore be responsible for all taxes on that income.
A fast poster can easily make an extra twenty to fifty dollars in a week, assuming that forum posting is a side job. It’s very difficult to turn paid posting into a full time position, but it can be an easy way to make a little extra cash regularly.

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