What Do You Need To Do?

All you need to do is to create new accounts on forums and to make posts.

You'll need to:

1. Register on forums from our forum list. How to register on forums?
2. Make 3 posts on each forum with our links in the signature (what's asignature?).
3. Copy & paste links following to your posts into our system (on workframe page).

How To Get Started?

Short Work Instructions.

1. Please open a workframe page in a new window.
2. On the right hand you can see a list of forums. Open any forum,register (how to register on forums?) & confirm registration (how to confirm registration?).
3. Login, copy BB Code (what's a BB Code?) taken from workframe page, and insert (paste) it in your signature (what's a signature?) on the forum.
4. Leave 3 posts with our BB Code in your signature.
5. Save links following to these posts into our system (cope & paste each link into 3 fields on workframe page). Click Complete button.

Congratulations! You've made 1 forum! You'll earn from $0.30+ to $1.20 per forum.